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   May 2019   
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Schools of Evangelism and Discipleship

Taking the Field Schools of Evangelism are designed to equip Christ-followers in Relational Evangelism and Discipleship. The model for the schools is based on 2 Timohthy 2:2...."teach others to teach others". Those involved in the schools will then be encouraged in the following ways.......

A) "Train Trainers" to go into other local churches to train people in one-on-one relational evangelism.

B)  Train "Disciple-Makers" to train others one-on-one or in small groups through the vehicle of relational evangelism.

C)  Prepare and train counselors for city-wide evangelism festivals and follow-up.

By God's grace since 2012, close to 300 churches and thousands of believers, in multiple countries have received training through our school of evangelism model and teachings. One person remarked, "I've been in ministry for sixteen years, and have never learned how to share the gospel." By God's grace the school of evangelism trainings helped to fill this need in their life and ministry.

Taking the Field also has a four part DVD series of the lessons taught in our school of evangelism. (see picture below)

If you're interested in having a school of evangelism in your city, or in acquiring the DVD's and lesson outlines, please contact us at pj@takingthefield.org. Thank You!