Ministry events

By God's grace, over 400,000 people have attended Festivals and Outreaches since 2006 with 26,872 recorded decisions for Christ. In 2008, Pastors in some of these areas were saying, "We've never done this before!" Those comments reflected the fact that this was the initial time local churches in these cities had partnered together to reach their areas in such a public way. As a result, it is the intention of Taking the Field to minister whenever possible in "lesser-served" areas. These events are designed to help churches and believers impact their areas before and after the outreach. This is done by promoting and ministering in the following ways. 

  • Churches and believers unifying and working together across denominational lines.
  • Churches and believers receiving training and resources for sharing their faith.
  • Unified and strategic prayer and fasting.
  • Preparation for the follow-up of new believers.