Being an answer

The Lord Jesus said, "The harvest is abundant, the workers are few. Pray, therefore the Lord of the Harvest to send out workers into His Harvest" (Matthew 9:37-38, CSB). Therefore, Taking the Field seeks to help believers and churches to "Be An Answer" to the "Prayer Request of Christ," through various trainings in evangelism. There are three versions of the "Being An Answer Trainings."

1) Training for churches/believers in sharing their faith in Christ with others.

2) Schools of Evangelism that help train trainers, who can then teach other believers/churches to share their faith.

3) Conferences and Training for Evangelists.


Coinciding with workshops and teachings in Relational Evangelism and Discipleship, Taking the Field provides resources to churches and believers who attend trainings. This often includes 2 workbooks for each participant. One, for personal use and one for a friend, so that those attending can "pass on" what was learned to others.

One church planter in East Africa used the "Being an Answer" materials to teach people who were a part of the church he planted. The church had grown to 60 people. Glory to God!

A DVD Series of the School of Evangelism is also available and the video teachings can be found in the Media Page of the Message category on this site.

Evangelism conferences

At times Taking the Field has been invited to teach and speak at larger evangelism conferences. At these conferences, Evangelists, Pastors, and other leaders gather to learn and be encouraged and grow in their various ministries.