festival ministry

City wide festivals

Since 2006, Taking the Field has worked with local churches to conduct city-wide

Festivals that present the good news of Christ to large groups in cities and regions. The ministry has had the privilege
of serving in this capacity in multiple countries such as India, Malawi, Philippines, Rwanda, and Uganda

The Festival ministry includes pre-festival training and resources in personal evangelism and prayer. Local believers also serve as counselors each night of the festival to those who make a decision for Christ. This is an important aspect as it not only involves the participation of local believers, it also enables local churches to begin the process of discipling new believers.

The Festival will often include social projects to help meet the needs of some in the city who are less fortunate, thus providing needed physical assistance and demonstrating the love of God with actions. 

              Village Festivals

The bible says that Jesus went to villages as well as towns. Therefore, in following the Lord's example, Taking the Field seeks to also minister in these areas. While the events are not of the same size and scope as a city-wide festival, they are equally important.

One Year after an outreach in a village in SE Asia, I was told that a village pastor had been praying for God to open a door for a gospel event in His area. Shortly thereafter, one of our ministry partners called to arrange a meeting for our ministry in that village. Glory to god!